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Movement Mastery Review

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Movement Mastery By Scale Smart Review

By Lucas Durante & Lachie Pior

Alrighty – where to start with my Movement Mastery Review?

Well – let me start off by saying this. Its better than average. But I don’t recommend it.

This online guru space is dominated with people claiming they make their money in one industry, but really they make their money “teaching” you how to do the thing they pretend they make all their money from….

And that’s why I don’t like these guys. They’re claiming you can make money via digital marketing agencies and with a referral system with agencies…. But where’s their agency? If they’re so successful with said agency, why would they start Movement Mastery? Naturally I’m sceptical. They also rebranded to AI Evolution which I think maskes sense because the program is AI based, what is movement mastery supposed to mean?

That being said, I’ve been doing my research – and these guys do seem to have good refund policies. They have a long list of what appear to be genuine reviews. And they are doing something not many others are in their system being based in AI.

I’ve done my research on negative reviews for movement mastery and scale smart as well. I can’t find much under scale smart, but under Movement Mastery I did find a reddit thread which wasn’t very positive.

The Movement Mastery Reviews in reddit were mostly people asking “is it a scam” and people saying “if you have to ask…..” There didn’t appear to be any unsatisfied actual customers though. Just people talking trash online…

All of this being said. I think scam is heavy handed. But I do think a couple of kids saying they can teach you how to make money online without actually practicing what they preach is a bit rich…..

Either their agency makes no money which is why they’re launching another business, or their agency is bogus. Your guess is as good as mine – but there’s My Movement Mastery By Lachie Pior review….


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